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Helping Home First

July 18, 2012

Chiefs in Ontario Confirm Position of “Helping Home First” Through Asserting Inherent and Treaty Rights

Toronto, ON - Chiefs in Ontario met this morning to discuss the current challenges that continue to plague their communities while also contemplating the selection of the National Chief.  Leadership remain determined that regardless of the results of the National Chief election, they are committed to “helping home first” as their foundational position in moving forward.

Leadership is clear – they will not be deterred from advancing their Nations through exercising their inherent and Treaty rights while asserting their jurisdiction within their territories.  To continue advancing this vision, leadership will need to educate, excite and empower their citizens – it will be through direct grassroots community-based ownership, and involvement, that we will be able to make positive sustained changes at home.

We are strong Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, and the time is upon us that words must be put into action.  Action will be based on fundamental priority areas of Nation Building, improving quality of life, improving relationships, supporting language and traditional knowledge and strengthening communications.

As Indigenous Nations, we are committed to taking our rightful place on Turtle Island and will not be deterred in this vision for our Peoples.



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