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 The Ontario First Nations Young Peoples Council (OFNYPC) is the official youth voice for First Nations in Ontario. Established in 2004 by the Chiefs in Assembly, we are mandated to be a unified voice for First Nations youth on all matters related to youth affairs.

Moving in our sacred circle following the four strategic directions of our Four Year Sustainability Strategic Plan, we are obligated through our activities to ensure youth voices are heard, understood and included. Each direction has key goals we aim to achieve for the future. A dynamic youth group built by youth for youth, the OFNYPC is made up of volunteers between the ages of 18 to 29 years.

The Political Territorial Organizations (PTOs) and Independents each appoint two regional youth representatives to ensure fair representation of the diverse regions and communities found in Ontario. The Chiefs of Ontario have a full-time Youth Coordinator working to oversee the function and responsibility of youth initiatives. The OFNYPC are actively involved in Special Chiefs Assemblies and All Ontario Chiefs Conferences, ensuring the youth voice is heard, and encouraging youth inclusion and engagement.

The Chiefs of Ontario are involved in a multitude of youth-related initiatives across all sectors, including: Life Promotion Strategy and Campaign, a Three Nations Youth Tobacco Protocol, First Nation Policy on Youth Engagement, Youth Mentorship Bundle, Profiling Youth Achievers, Ontario First Nations Youth Health Priorities and Action Plan, Health Careers Development, Youth Think Tank, Celebration of the International Year of Youth First Nation Control of First Nation Education, child welfare, and youth entrepreneurship.

Additional activities include the “In My Own Eyes” initiative profiling the life of 5 First Nation communities through a youth perspective, fundraising for Shannen’s Dream, five youth engagement policy forums to develop a Youth Engagement Bundle, local youth projects includingMamow Against Drugs Healing Program (creating safe cultural environment to heal and reclaim life from prescription drug abuse) and LOVE Shkakmi-Kwe project (environmental awareness raising).

To learn more about the OFNYPC, their mission, and objectives please refer to our Information Booklet.