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Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day, Wiindawtegowinini

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day is from Serpent River First Nation, Ontario, which is located in the North Channel of Lake Huron.  Born in Elliot Lake and raised in the North, Regional Chief Isadore Day worked in construction, commercial fishing, and in the social services setting. Regional Chief Day’s post-secondary education consists of Social Work, Business and Public Administration and Governance. He and his partner Angela raise their girls in the North and are committed to ensuring that the North remains a key grounding in their lives. He is strong in his commitments to his community and all treaty regions.

Regional Chief Day is an Anishnabe with strong values and ideals about his heritage and has a strong ability to bridge contemporary mainstream ideals and traditional insights and teachings. He has a very strong affinity and connection to the land.

He has been Chief of Serpent River FN since being elected in 2005. Regional Chief Day has a combined total of ten years in leadership. Public service ideas and dedication have seen him involved in various boards, committees, and volunteer positions over the past 15 yrs. With a list of diverse attributes and skills, Regional Chief Day has been welcomed at many tables to share in efforts to make constructive change for the Anishnabek and First Nations at the Regional and National level in recent years. Known as hard hitter on the issues, he has a demeanor that seeks to find ways to highlight and uplift the dignity of others.

He believes that Youth in general have vision and hold leadership keys for success that need to be tapped and brought to the table and legitimized in formal process. His current and recent posts include: various portfolios as Lake Huron Regional Chief;various committees with the Union of Ontario Indians and Chiefs of Ontario. His work at the national level includes a wide range of files.

In 2006, Regional Chief Isadore Day addressed President Bill Clinton in the Ontario Economic Summit and asked the president to reflect on his discussion from the vantage point of First Nations. He was reciprocated with a lengthy input from the president. He has also been quite active with many other levels of leadership from the Prime Ministers Office, the Ontario Premier and scores of MP’s – all focused on one thing: the First Nation Agenda. Chief Day is noted across the country as a visible and relevant leader. He prides himself by being part of a great line of leaders and is a strong team player. He is a natural when called to be a lead advocate on most political files.

Today, Regional Chief Day is quite active on many files in all policy sectors at the local level and provincially. His main focus at all tables with government is First Nation rights, health, social, economies, infrastructure, Quality of Life – and overall, Nationhood based on all facets of what a nation embodies. He sees political justice as being the main goal for First Nation leaders and is emphatic that the Indian Act is colonial oppression and at the root of what must change in all First Nations. He is practical with both high level policy and is a strong grassroots First Nation leader.

As the Ontario Regional Chief, Chief Isadore Day seeks to establish any available partnership that is consistent to placing the future of the Next Generation as a key priority and beneficiary to collective efforts and respect for treaties on which Canada was founded.

To contact Regional Chief:

Veronica McLeod

Executive Assistant to Ontario Regional Chief

Chiefs of Ontario

E-mail: Tel: (416) 597-1266 Cell: (647) 227-9400