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(Toronto, January 15, 2018) “Today, three survivors from St. Anne’s Residential School, where some of the most horrific abuses took place upon children taken from their families, are once again speaking out for justice. First, I want to commend these survivors for their courage in reliving these painful memories so that all Canadians can understand why there will be no healing without the truth being revealed, and real reconciliation taking place.

(Serpent River First Nation, December 11, 2017) Today is the 20th anniversary of Five Nations Energy Incorporated (FNEI), a development that placed transmission and distribution of electricity into the hands of Mushkegowuk First Nations in the James Bay Lowlands in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The anniversary is being marked today by the FNEI Board of Directors.

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(Ottawa, le 6 décembre 2017) Les Chefs de Premières Nations de l'Ontario se joignent aux Chefs du Québec et du Labrador pour faire appel à Ralph Goodale, Ministre de la Sécurité publique et de la Protection Civile, à honorer l'engagement du gouvernement fédéral d'assurer un financement équitable aux services de police des Premières Nations. Celui-ci est non seulement un service essentiel, mais représente aussi un droit humain d'offrir des communautés sûres et sécurisées à nos peuples.

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(Ottawa, December 6, 2017) The Chiefs of Ontario join the Chiefs of Quebec and Labrador in calling upon Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, to honour the federal government’s commitment to provide equitable funding for First Nation policing. This is not only an essential service, it is a human right to provide safe and secure communities for our peoples.